The project

Preserving our forests requires great commitment and dedication.

In order to achieve our vision of a greener future, we, together with our customers, want to contribute positively to protecting the environment. That’s how the Plant-A-Tree project came about.

Why do we do it?

Deforestation is placing a great strain on the environment we live in, resulting in greenhouse gases and destroyed plant and animal habitats. That’s why EverEarth is campaigning to preserve our forests.

In order to guarantee long-term forest management, all wood used in our toys comes from sustainable forestry. Some of this FSC (C106741) wood even comes from our own forest we are currently growing.

In 2011, the non-profit organisation FSC® (C106741) conducted a sustainable forestry assessment on our forest, and awarded it the “FSC-certified” (C106741) quality seal. The almost 8,000-hectare woodland area is located in the heart of China, and is continuously tended and expanded by our forest staff.

But based on the motto of “Sharing is caring”, we’ve decided to also give parents and children the opportunity to help the environment! EverEarth consequently established the Plant-A-Tree project almost 4 years ago!

What can you do?

The Plant-A-Tree project allows our customers to have a tree planted in our forest when purchasing an EverEarth toy, enabling every EverEarth customer to actively help preserve forests.

And it’s super easy to get involved:

In the “Participate” section, you can register and use the contact form to tell us the number and type of items you have purchased. We’ll plant a tree in our sustainably managed forest for every item purchased. We look forward to your support!

Who is EverEarth?

EverEarth Global is a large company founded in 1973, and which now sells sustainable toys worldwide.
We produce sustainably manufactured wooden toys, ensuring healthy playing and learning enjoyment in nurseries. We have also set ourselves the task of making the environment we live in greener in order to ensure a long-term sustainable future for the next generations. And we’re not doing it alone. We want to share or vision of a greener future with both parents and children.

Our toys are made from sustainable, FSC-certified wood. All inks are water-based, and therefore free from harmful chemicals. We use recycled packaging, send our items in a carbon-neutral manner, and work with the entire team every day to ensure our operations are sustainable.

We »thank you« for the